Since I arrived, I’ve been amassing a collection of names of Mongolian musicians. Nearly everyone I meet has had a suggestion or two of bands or artists I should check out. I’m interested to follow female musicians and learn more about how they market themselves and deal with the Mongolian entertainment industry. More on this as it develops… For now, here are three bands with some pretty cool ladies that caught my eye.


Several people have mentioned the folk-rock band, Altan Urag. After seeing just one of their music videos I was definitely interested in hearing more. I was lucky enough to actually catch a performance at their usual haunt last Thursday, and definitely impressed. You might recognize their sound from the soundtrack for the Oscar-winning film, Mongol.

Note: the only female in the group doesn’t sing, but does play drums, which is worth double points in my book.


I don’t know much about them, but I like their chill/indie rock sound.


Again, I don’t know a whole lot yet, but am definitely intrigued. She is certainly going against the grain.

Special thanks to the lovely ladies at Mongolia’s Young Women’s Club for introducing me to Starfish and Sunderia!

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