When I’m not about to leave my apartment to catch a live performance (like now!), I’m spending a lot of time getting lost amidst a forest of Mongolian music videos on YouTube. Everyone has music videos, and as far as I can tell, it’s one of the best ways to find bands.

With that in mind, I’m going to start something I’d like to call ‘Khogjmiin Kino of the Day’*. ‘Khogjmiin’ refers to music and ‘Kino’ is the Mongolian word for film, which I’m guessing has roots in ‘cinema’.

Today’s find is musician Nara featuring rapper Bx. ‘Mongol Naadam’ refers to the annual Naadam Festival, the national sporting competition that takes place every July and showcases Mongolia’s top archers, wrestlers, and horse racers.

Note: I have updated ‘Khogjmiin Kino’ to ‘Duunii Klip’, a more common Mongolian term for music video.

*’Duunii’ is song and ‘Klip’ is clip.

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