Here’s some Sunday night dance pop to help round out your weekend. The juxtaposition of Mongolian countryside and dark club seen in Maadai’s video for ‘Cool Eyes’ is actually fairly common for Mongolian music videos. The landscape here is so photogenic, it’s hard not to included it even if it has very little to do with the music’s aesthetic.

Note: I have updated ‘Khogjmiin Kino’ to ‘Duunii Klip’, a more common Mongolian term for music video.

One thought on “Duunii Klip: ‘Cool Eyes’ by Maadai

  1. Lauren – I love this guy Maadai and his cool eyes song – the combination of the sound effects with the beat and his voice is very fun and captivating. And the picture of him in a suit with that background is great – not sure why they had to include the car but I still really liked this.

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