Here’s the second in my ‘Live From UB’ series. I included a music video from Mohanik in an earlier post. They are one of my favorite bands that I’ve discovered so far in UB. The five members of the rock group have been friends since elementary school, a fact that I find particularly endearing.

I really like their sense of humor and the juxtaposition of their light lyrics with a more serious, even heavy, sound. Since my Mongolian is still at the beginner level, it’s not until long after I hear the music and have had the lyrics translated that I understand the full meaning.

I would have never guessed that this song, titled ‘Duugii Daagii’, was a playful song about kissing or making out. The title refers to a children’s hide-and-seek type of game, but in the context of the song takes on a romantic connotation.

DUUGII DAAGII – Translation

Dad, Mom are making out
Grandma, Grandpa are making out
Girls and boys are making out
We are also making out

Making Out

Making out in a tent
Making out on the roof
Making out by the fire
Making out back & forth, up & down, inside the bearcave
(reference to a children’s game)


Want to make out quickly
Want to make out suddenly
Come, come to my place
Let’s make out before my parents come home

Making out
Making out

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