UPDATE: A friend of mine who is very knowledgeable about all Mongolian popular music explained that this song was written to help protect this Mongolian dog breed whose numbers are dwindling. ‘Asar’ and ‘Basar’ are popular names for these dogs.

I was feeling a bit tired this evening, so I spent some time doing research in front of the TV, which is to say, flipping through all 65 of my Monoglian TV channels to see what’s out there. I caught this interesting music video by the hip hop group Ice Top.

This is one of the more self-referential Mongolian hip hop music videos I’ve seen. The dogs are a special Siberian breed known for their light-colored eyebrows (or 3rd and 4th eyes). On top of praising the Mongolian dogs, Mongolian symbols are littered throughout the video: the soyombo (featured on their flag), the yin-yang, the prayer scarves, a statuette of a Chinggis Khan-era warrior, the horse-head fiddle, and on.

I’m still unclear if it’s tongue-in-cheek or in earnest. Regardless, it’s very entertaining.

2 thoughts on “Duunii Klip: ‘Asar Basar’ by Ice Top featuring Brothers

  1. The dogs are beautiful animals. Someone needs to tell the lead singer that it is NOT cool to wear a swastika – if he is trying to be shocking or irreverent, he needs to be more imaginative.

    • The swastika is actually a Buddhist symbol – not the Nazi symbol you’re thinking of. Although, there are a few extreme nationalist groups who have re-appropriated the swastika for its historical and religious meaning as well as the nationalist meaning.

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