I just got back from my first Mongolian heavy metal concert. What an experience. Metal has never exactly been my scene, but I am so happy I made it out tonight.

Nisvanis, Mongolia’s first real grunge band, was the big draw for me. I’d been hearing about them for awhile and really wanted to see them live. They have been around for over 15 years and own the title of Mongolia’s first grunge band. They definitely delivered, but I found that as an obvious outsider – the crowd was far more interesting. The venue was packed with Mongolia’s more hard core youth (18-30 year olds seemed to dominate). Several of the men had let their hair grown down to the middle of their backs – the perfect length for headbanging. At times, it seemed the crowed in front of the stage was pulsating, backs arched and hair flying.

Metal Concert Poster

I also had my first real run in with some of this city’s less savory individuals – the skinheads. As one of only a couple foreigners in the club, my friend (also an American woman) and I instantly became guarded, assessing and reassessing the potential for a confrontation. Thankfully, there was none. But it is pretty jarring to see a mosh pit full of young men with shaved heads, some with swastikas tattooed on their scalps, picking fights and jumping into each other. In fact, it was difficult to take my eyes (and camera lens) off of them.

I’ll have more on this concert once I’ve had a chance to go through all the video I took, but for now, here are some video clips of some of the bands who performed.

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