I just finished an interview with my alma mater for their alumni magazine and found myself going on about Bold and the Mongol Pop craze for a bit. I admit, when I first arrived I was a bit hesitant to focus too much on someone as famous as Bold. I have my own prejudices about the American music industry and have always been a fan of the independent artist.

But, Bold is doing something that I can’t help but find interesting. In a very self-conscious way, he is creating a new genre: MONGOL POP. It was the name of his most recent album and concert series last November. He’s sporting the deel and using the horse-head fiddle and yatga in his instrumental tracks.

This video of ‘Manan’ is just the best example of pop-traditional fusion that I can think of. There’s no doubt that this is a pop song. Then he includes the horses running and the dancers in this referential way, like a nod to traditional Mongolia, but not an embrace.

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