The Lemons are one of Mongolia’s most popular live music bands. Heavily inspired by The Strokes, the four piece band has been playing since 2004. In 2006 they joined the Hi-Fi Record label, Mongolia’s premier label for alternative bands. They have two albums to their name: “Red Album” and “Zaluu Lenini Oiloltsoo Z Dawakhhart” (On the 3rd Floor Near Young Lenin).

They are consistently one of the bands listed when I ask people (Mongolian and expat alike) about their favorite bands in Mongolia. And it’s not surprising. Their sound is catchy and fun. Even Mongolian language learners can sing along to at least one of their songs: ‘1984’, an ode to Ulaanbaatar.

The Lemons regularly play at a couple venues around town. I filmed them at a recent performance at a German restaurant. Here are two of their tunes.


Rough translation of the chorus:

Hello my capital
I’m fine, how are you
More and more colors are being added to my Ulaanbaatar
Hello, hello grey palace (government building)
Hello, hello Sukhbaatar Square
Red colored capital, this is my Ulaanbaatar


Sunu Dund Tsas Orj Baina

6 thoughts on “Live from UB: The Lemons

  1. So nice to see that the world is not so different in far away places from where I am. i love music and I love examples of that people all over the planet are quite the same, or all equally different bot not unequal.

    Perfect love!

  2. wow, i love what u are doing i went through all your blogs and I love it, I always wondered what non Mongolians thought of our music especially from Europe and America. But other than altan urag & niciton I personally don’t know any of the artists you featured.
    I hope you do a blogs on these artists in the future HURD, HARANGA, NOMINTALST,FREEZONE, CAMERTON, ARIUNAA, SARANTUYA, SALHI, especially Hurd one of my favorite bands in the world.

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