D-LOB (the alias of Boldoo) is one of UB’s more underground musicians. He’s the older brother of well-known conscious rapper Quiza and the two have worked closely together over the years. While D-LOB has written lyrics for his younger brother and been featured as a rapper on several projects, his current passion is lyric-less. He’s been DJ-ing weekly parties featuring jazz, soul, funk, and beats from around the globe, a project he calls DUNDGOL, after the river in UB he grew up next to. He says the goal of these parties is to bring people together to share ideas and opinions, and experience music most of them have never been exposed to.

With over 1500 albums, D-LOB also has one of the largest personal vinyl collections in Mongolia. He collected many of them when the College of Music and Dance was cleaning out its warehouse. They had been given various records during the communist era by similarly minded countries. Which means D-LOB now has a unique collection of early rock and traditional music spanning decades from places like Poland, Cambodia, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, North Korea, and a whole host of other places. He adamantly believes that we should expose ourselves to music from all places to better appreciate our own cultural heritage.

D-LOB now mixes with the music from his eclectic library. He’s been taking soviet-era songs and giving them a modern twist with new beats and effects, while paying respect to the original musicians who he earnestly admires. One of my favorite examples of this is a song called ‘Welcome 2 UB’. He features a song from one of his favorite bands, Soyol Erdene, Mongolia’s first rock band (1971). In fact, he’s such a fan that he created their Myspace page several years ago to help circulate their music.

You can listen to more of D-LOB’s tracks here.

Watch some of D-LOB’s videso below:

D-LOB’S introductory music video was shot by a European filmmaker traveling through UB back in 2008. ‘Boldoo Baina’ which translates to ‘I am Boldoo’ features D-LOB rapping in front of a statute of one of his favorite Mongolian poets, Natsagdorj, and then wandering through UB’s main black market.

‘Erkh Chuluu’ or ‘xxx’ is one of D-LOB and Quiza’s joint efforts. The song is about the aftermath of the 2008 legislative election that turned violent after people protested election fraud. The clashes between police and protesters led to the death of 5 civilians and injury of 220 civilians and 108 service members. It was a major black spot on Mongolia’s still young democracy, and has many wondering how this year’s upcoming elections will turn out. D-LOB and Quiza ‘Erkh Chuluu’ which translates to ‘Freedom’. But they had a hard time finding anyone willing to record the song or help them produce a music video. Eventually Ragu, a well-known music producer living in UB but originally from Singapore and thus safe from governmental retaliation, helped them out. They convinced a young filmmaker to produce a video, which despite its 23,000 views on YouTube, has never aired on television here (a rarity).

This last song is another D-LOB/Quiza joint effort. It was their tribute to 2 decades of democracy. The title ‘Dund Gol-Huh Tenger Medne’ means ‘Only the Sky Knows’. It’s a reference to a letter written by one of Ghengis Khan’s scribes to the Pope in response to a request to come visit. It basically means, ‘Only God Knows’.

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