I have been steadily collecting photos of graffiti around Ulaanbaatar. Mostly I’ll just snap a shot on my iPhone while walking around. I have yet to devote some serious time to walking around the city and taking pictures, but it will happen soon.

While in Beijing, I decided to collect some images of Chinese graffiti. Here’s some of what I found.

2 thoughts on “Photos: Beijing Graffiti

  1. There’s an old chinese building district where all type of young artists opened their workshops. There’s plenty of cool graffiti there too. You should go check it out. I forget the address. it’s been a while since i’ve been there. Goodluck, Lauren

  2. I actually find the practice of this graffiti..now aping the the Western cities, just kind of sad. It doesn’t really add anything to Beijing.

    You have to understand some fantastic outdoor art murals were defaced by graffiti in Vancouver, BC.

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