Walking around Beijing a couple weeks ago, I was struck by the city’s pallet. Red is a common color in China. It’s a lucky and joyful color. It’s the color of the flag, lanterns, doors, the all-important-stamps, Chinese New Year, the communist government, and the envelopes used to exchange monetary gifts.

But the red is only made brighter by its companion hue: grey.

Red and Grey. Those are the colors of Beijing.

After realizing this, I decided to collect as many photos highlighting the color combo as I could while walking around. It was an absurdly easy task.

Here are some of the images I captured on an average stroll through Beijing.

4 thoughts on “Photos: The Colors of Beijing

  1. It’s such an auspicious color in China that my boyfriend and I plan on having a second wedding in Vietnam where I wear a red wedding dress and he wears the traditional navy blue. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. The importance of color seems to vary all over the world, I enjoyed seeing the (usually) small murals painted on the homes in Germany and parts of western Europe! Along with the flowers painting the trim work and brightly colored shutters. It makes homes in the U.S. seem rather bland milk toast. I hope to see the colors of the Orient some day.

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