While I was at the gym yesterday, I managed to catch part of MTM’s top 10 Mongolian video countdown. MTM is one of several television channels devoted to music here in UB. They play a mix of Mongolian and foreign music videos and feature interviews with local musicians as well as foreign music news.

Admittedly, I only caught numbers 8 – 3 of the top 10 list, but I thought I’d give you all a taste of what’s out there.

#3 ‘Hi Ladies’ – Uka ft. Amaraa

#4 ‘Hatarsish’ – Mino ft. Amaraa

#5 ‘Zurag’ – Naran

#6 ‘Who is Bx?’ – Bx

#7 ‘Tango’ – Uka

#8 ‘Facebook’ – Negen Zugt ft. Quiza

2 thoughts on “Music Video: A Taste of Mongolia’s Top 10

  1. I looked at clip #4 and found it fascinating but also vaguely disheartening: It’s tiring that pop stars in evolving contemporary non-European cultures aspire to ape/take upon the typical characteristics of North American rock/pop stars –the women’s dresses, etc. So I found his costume garb just great..a Mongolian interpretation of hip cool performance wear. What were they singing about?

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