I’ve been trying my hand at time lapse photography since I arrived in Mongolia. I took a big hiatus during the winter since I wasn’t very interested in standing still for 40 minutes in -30 degree C temperatures (nor was my camera, for that matter). But, since it’s been warming up, I have been trying to get back into it.

I have a hit list of sites around Ulaanbaatar that I want to capture including, but not limited to, the Chinggis face on the mountain south of town, more people walking around during the day in Sukhbaatar Square and near the State Department Store, the Lenin Statue, the Sukhbaatar Statue, traffic at night from various vantage points, the big Mongolian flag near the stadium, Gandan Monastery at various times of day, and the Circus at sunset.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!

Here is a collection of the shots I’ve amassed so far:

6 thoughts on “Video: Ulaanbaatar Time Lapse

  1. I loved the bit where the sun came up (out of shot) and the buildings glowed. Also the ones in the snow with people and cars moving round were cool, and the ones at the end with the sun going down, especially the one where you could see the sun curving down with the chimneys belching streams of smoke. Some of the clips were less interesting and could have been shorter, although it was fun to see the cranes moving as they usually seem so static. I love the idea of this project, it’s great to see such an unfamiliar place through your eyes. More please! 🙂

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