Mongolian television is chalk full of the latest music videos. Several stations are dedicated to playing the latest in American, Korean, and, of course, Mongolian tunes. Here are a few of the Mongolian music video gems I caught on the Mongolian Top Music channel this afternoon.

‘Namariin Syndrome’ – TV Cocktail

‘August Syndrome’ is the film song for a recent romantic comedy by the same name. It’s generally a light-hearted song about falling in love. The chorus says, “If you fall in love, you will lose control. When I’m falling in love I feel crazy.”

‘You’re So Sexy’ – SweetYmotion featuring Twilite Jonez

SweetYmotion is one of the most popular girl groups in Mongolia. I saw this song performed last fall and the live performance was very similar to the video. The three singers dressed in what were essentially leather bikinis and danced very seductively while a dance troupe dressed in Shaman-like clothing danced around them with similar moves as in the music video. I don’t think I will ever get over the juxtaposition of extreme sexiness and traditional symbolism that is so common in Mongolian music videos these days.

‘Miss You’ – Extacy

‘Miss You’ is pretty straight forward. It’s about the classic love ballad subject: unrequited love. In the chorus, the singers says, “I want you as you really are. What do you think about our relationship? Is it irrelevant to you?”

‘Gegeen Muza’ – Dashdondog & Altentsetseg

I wasn’t sure what to make of this one when I first saw it. It’s actually a sort of theme song for a Theatrical Awards Celebration. The two singers are basically talking about the awards while paying homage to the Mongolian actors that are no longer with us.

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