Last May, I gave a TEDx Talk at Greater Johnstown High School outside of Pittsburgh and now you can see it! It covers a brief history of Mongolian rock music and how the genre has played a role in shaping the new Mongolia.

3 thoughts on “Live From UB Gives a TEDx Talk

  1. This is absolutely fabulous! I will have to read all your posts! I had recent contact with Bold, and I am in California. I guess there aren’t many American fans yet, so he kindly sent me three CDs of his music. The clip you showed of “Melody with Wild Wind” is one of my favorites! My daughter’s last boyfriend was Mongolian (she and he were both going to school in Japan), and I learned a lot then. Mongolia has always been a place I have wanted to visit, and it is next on the “wish list.” Thank you for posting this. It’s really great! 😀

  2. I was in Mongolia twice. The first time shortly after their revolution and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This has been some time ago so the changes there are enormous. I think that the video was a good presentation. The only thing that was left out that I think would have been good for the young people in the high school to know was that there was great suffering under communist Russia…as their entire culture was made to transform. The communists wanted the language changed and the writing. They persecuted the Buddhist monks and many temples were destroyed as well as monks being murdered to try to make Mongolia an atheistic nation. None of this was mentioned in the lecture and the comment was that it was a “peaceful transition”. When I was there, I was told to tell people right away that I was American because of the hatred toward the occupiers who were Russian. Over-throwing a ruling, foreign nation was a great struggle.
    Yes, music has changed and that is to be expected as Mongolia opened their doors to the West and the world. Students, in my opinion, should know that freedom never comes easy. Including more modern history in the talk would have given the high school students a greater appreciation of where Mongolia has come in a few short years. Perhaps this could be passed on to her. Thank you for sharing.

    • That very much sounds like the Cultural Revolution in China. You make good points about remembering the past and the struggles involved. We should not forget the past because it foreshadows our future. Thank you for reminding us that freedom never does come easy.

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