Duunii Klip: Super 21 by the Royal Beat Crew and Persuis ft. Gennie

Here’s the latest Duunii Klip: Royal Beat Crew and Persuis featuring Gennie.

It’s a great example of the frequent collaborations various musicians are involved in here. I learned about Gennie over a year ago from talking with the director of Mongolian Bling (which just finished post-production!). He follows her throughout his documentary and recommended I get in touch. Gennie is one of the only female rappers in Mongolia.

I heard of the Royal Beat Crew a little over a month ago now. I’m told they incorporate khoomii (throat singing) into their beats, but not in a terribly substantial way. Still, a fun idea.

I still haven’t been able to figure out exactly who Persius is. An expat who came an went? A wayward traveler? Perhaps I’ll run into him this weekend?

Duunii Klip: ‘Gobi’ by Boerte

This is about as far from rock & roll as you can get, but it’s just so darn beautiful, I had to share.

Recently, I met the drummer from a new group called the Hunnu Mongolian Drum Band. He used to be in Boerte, a group that has been bringing traditional Mongolian music to the rest of the world since 2000. The band is named after Chinggis Khan’s wife, a woman who historians believe had a lot of influence over the military giant.

This is a beautifully produced video that captures some of the traditional life in the Gobi Desert, enjoy.

Duunii Klip: ‘1983-86’ by The Lemons

The Lemons are one of the first bands I heard here in Ulaanbaatar. Their brit pop sound immediately caught my ear. They told me The Strokes are one of their big influences and it doesn’t take long to hear it in their music.

As far as I can tell, ‘1983-86’ is their biggest hit – especially with the foreigners here. The tune is catchy and I find myself sporadically humming it as I wander the city. The words are also simple for non-native speakers to understand. The chorus (below), roughly translates into, “Hello my capital // I’m fine, how are you? // More and more colors are being added // to my Ulaanbaatar // Hello grey palace (government building) // Hello Sukhbaatar Square // More and more colors are being added // to my Ulaanbaatar”.

сайн сайн байна уу миний нийслэл
Cайн сайн байна уу та
Улам улам өнгө нэмсээр
энэ бол миний улаанбаатар
Cайн сайн байна уу сайн сайн байна уу Саарал ордон
Cайн сайн байна уу сайн сайн байна уу Сүхийн талбай
Улам улам өнгө нэмсээр
энэ бол миний улаанбаатар

I’m hoping to spend more time with The Lemons in the coming weeks, so look forward to more of their music here!

Duunii Klip: ‘Cool Eyes’ by Maadai

Here’s some Sunday night dance pop to help round out your weekend. The juxtaposition of Mongolian countryside and dark club seen in Maadai’s video for ‘Cool Eyes’ is actually fairly common for Mongolian music videos. The landscape here is so photogenic, it’s hard not to included it even if it has very little to do with the music’s aesthetic.

Note: I have updated ‘Khogjmiin Kino’ to ‘Duunii Klip’, a more common Mongolian term for music video.