Duunii Klip: ‘Budagchin’ by Mohanik

I’ve started following the band Mohanik around. I’ve seen them perform three times now and they let me hang out during a rehearsal last week. I really enjoy their music – they have a classic rock and roll sound (2 guitars, bass, drums, keys, vocals) but also have a Mongolian flavor. The lyrics to one tune, for example, are something to the effect of “I wish I had a horse” – very much a Mongolian sentiment.

In addition to simply having a very cool sound, Mohanik is the recent winner of last October’s Mongolian Music Video Awards (which, sadly, I missed). They’re video for ‘Budagchin’ won the top prize at the competition for its creativity and production quality.

You can expect more about Mohanik in upcoming posts, but for now, check out the video:

Note: I have updated ‘Khogjmiin Kino’ to ‘Duunii Klip’, a more common Mongolian term for music video.

Video: Ulaanbaatar at Dusk

This week has proved to be quite a bit busier than expected (more in the next post). I haven’t had time to put much thought into a real post, but for now I wanted to share this video. It’s the view from the apartment where I’m staying. Ulaanbaatar is a wide and narrow city, and this was taken just west of the city center.